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Based on your name and date of birth you can generate your Free Online
Personal Lucky Lottery Numbers. To generate your daily numbers for
Pick3, Pick4 and Lotto
just read the notes below then submit your data.
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Please read these Notes
This service is free and strictly for entertainment. There is no
guaranty, explicit or implicit, that the numbers here generated will
be winners on any drawings you may participate in.
Lotto High is the highest number you wish to have generated for the
lotto series(pick 30-69), if you don't pick one 42 we'll be used.

If you accept these conditions you may proceed.

Format for entering the date of birth (MMDDYY):
Month (MM from  01 to 12);    day (DD from  01 to 31) and year
(YY the last 2 numbers of the year)
Example: May 1, 1975 is entered: 050175

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